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Do your part. Click on the icons below to find information to share, protect and help combat the decline of the main pollinators of our planet.


Use the application to register for free disappearance of occurrences or death of bees in apiaries from anywhere in the world, indicando local, intensity and possible causes, and give great contribution to the study of the decline of these pollinators. Is fast. Is easy. Is important.


Give preference to organic products: They are healthier not contain pesticides, and do not contaminate the environment in their production.

Cultivate a hive of native stingless bees in your garden – an increasingly universal movement, and broad recommendation for nature lovers.

Brazil has more than 3.000 bee species, and much of native stingless bees. Species such as jataí, go there, jandaia, Urucu or mandaçaia, among others, They are docile bees that may be part of your garden. But, like all wild animals, We have to respect their biology, understand their needs and legislation. Only then can we admire and preserve these wonderful pollinators.

Therefore, before starting his creation, It has to seek information. Learn more about these bees, your creation is meliponários and associations that can support you at the beginning of this activity.

Be a conscious consumer. Give preference to products of companies that preserve nature, and to defend the cause of the bees.

To ensure, no campo, productivity and fruit quality for ecosystem services pollination is essential to apply good farming practices, that are sustainable and consider management plans for pollinators.

Plant in your home, in parks and forests of his city, species of bee flora; flowers with pollen and nectar provide the natural food of bees.

Practice sustainable farming techniques; fight deforestation; brokers plant bee flora; and expand the biodiversity in the fields of monoculture.

Question the authorities about the problem of the disappearance and death of bees and how they will act and position regarding.

Do not use pesticides that are toxic to bees, particularly systemic (neonicotinoids); give preference to biological pest control.

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If the problem is global, They are also initiatives. Get to know some of the main protection movements bees around the world.