Por Geusa Simone de Freitas & And ademilson Espencer. Soares

When we talk about bees, almost automatically think of flowers and plants. Speaking of bees reminds us of flowers, joy, gardens, colors and smells. Starting with the smell of bees, because each species has a smell own, addition of honey which they produce different aromas which also has, according to the species of bee and the plants from which they collected nectar. This association, which naturally we do, It goes beyond poetry, It is a vital interaction, once the bees depend on plants for food and find, often, places to build their nests. On the other hand, plants benefit from the visit of bees, during the search for food resources, transporting pollen grains and ending by performing fertilization of flowers, ensuring the reproduction of plant species. This process helps to increase the genetic variability of plants. Besides, several species of bees can make seed dispersal, helping the plants to originate new offspring in the environment where they occur.

In the search for plant resources, bees visiting a number of species of flowers, which are different for each species and for each region Bee, since the different biomes have their own floral compositions.

The knowledge of the plants by bees is essential to the maintenance of colonies, because it is from there that bees find food for their survival, enabling meliponicultor the bee pasture formation in degraded areas, or the enrichment of local vegetation species with honey. Remembering that, addition nectar, bees collect pollen, oils and resins.

In Brazil, we have six biomes: Amazon, Swamp, Closed, Caatinga, Atlantic Forest and Pampa. Inside them, place different vegetation types, with its own floral compositions for each region, evidenciando how important it is to know the regional flora.

Plants visited by meliponíneos: To assist beekeepers in this beautiful endeavor to grow flowers for the bees, is a list of species used for the supply of food resources. Of course, because of the size of Brazil and its floristic complexity we do not intend to cover all species, given that there are gaps to be filled on the flora of various regions. The list below shows the names of species visited by bees, which will be expanded as new information arise. After, the plants are separated into groups, in which photos are species with, which will be progressively included.

List of Plants visited by meliponíneos

FamilyEsp??écie vegetalNome popularEspe ?? species of bees
MalpighiaceaeByrsonima basilobaNt, Pl, Of, Ts
SapindaceaeCupania spSb, Sd, Sp
LeguminosaeCentrolobium spSd
PinaceaePinnus spSp
VochysiaceaeSalvertia convallariodoraOf, Ts
LeguminosaeErytrina coll oden drum
RutaceaePoncirus trifoliatus
AgavaceaeFourcroya giganteaTs
Palm treesArchontophoenix spPd, Pr, PSQ, Sb, Sd, Sp, Ts
AmaranthaceaeGomphrena cearensis
AmaranthaceaeGomphrena gardneri
RubiaceaeAlibertia sessilisOf
AmaranthaceaeFroelichia the mbolditiana
AmaranthaceaeAlternanthera polygonoides
AmaranthaceaeLanata froelichia
LeguminosaeAcacia paniculata
LeguminosaeCassia spSb, Pl, Of, Ts
AmaranthaceaeGomphrena typePr
LeguminosaeCrotalaria grantiana
RubiaceaeAlibertia spNt, Of, Ts
LeguminosaeHymenaea Martiana
LeguminosaeMimosa enema
LeguminosaePiptadenia rigidOf
LeguminosaeAcacia spPs
LeguminosaePiptadenia spPr
LeguminosaeNo spSb
OrchidaceaePhalaenopsis sp
OnagraceaeLudwigia spNt, Ps
LeguminosaeAcacia featherySb, Sd
ApiaceaeCentella bifloraSb, Sd
OleaceaeLigustrum imatophyllum
LeguminosaeCrotalaria striata
LeguminosaeLeucaena glaucaPr, Of
AraliaceaeTetrapanax papyriferaFs, Of
PolygonaceaeTriplaris pachauSb, Sd, Sp
RubiaceaeDiodia brasiliensisSb, Sp
NyctaginaceaeGuapira gracilifloraTs
RutaceaeCitrus spPd, Ps, Sb, Sd
ProteaceaeRoupala montanaCcc, Fv, Nt, Pl, Of, Thy, Ts
LeguminosaeCaesalpinia bonducellaPr
BignoniacaeaeTabebuia ochraceaTs
MyrtaceaeInvasive spPr
BignoniacaeaeSpathodea campanulataOf
LeguminosaeHymenaea eriogyne
LeguminosaeMimosa bracatinga
BignoniacaeaeOne Pyrostegia
LeguminosaeHymenaea stilbocarpa
MyrtaceaeMyrcia dawn-tomentosaSd
SapindaceaeSerjania typePr
LeguminosaeHymenaea stignocarpa
SapindaceaeSerjania spSb, Sd, Sp
MyrsinaceaeRapanea guianensisFd, Of, Ts
BromeliaceaeAnanas spTs
BromeliaceaePineapple ananassoidesTs
LauraceaePersea spSp
CannabaceaeTrema micranthaPr, Sd, Of, Ts
SapindaceaeSerjania deadlyLm, Ts
MoraceaeSoroca biplandiiOf
LabiataeHyptis marruboidesPl, Of, Ts
MoraceaeCecropia spPr
LabiataeHyptis crenata Fd, Fv, Of, Ts
CelastraceaeMaytenus evonymoidesPer
ChrysobalanaceaeHirtella glandulosaOf
ChrysobalanaceaeLicania lowNt, Sd, Of, Ts
ChrysobalanaceaeCouepia grandifloraOf, Ts
LabiataeHyptis multibracteataSd
CochlospermaceaeCochlospermum royaltyTs
MoraceaeSoroca ilicifoliaPr
MoraceaeCecropia adenopusFs, Pd, Per, Pr, PSQ, Sb, Sd
CommelinaceaeAgrarian commelina
VerbenaceaeLippia lasiocalycinaPl
CommelinaceaeTradeschantia sp
MeliaceaeCedrela fissilisPr, PSQ
LiliaceaeHemerocallis spTs
CompositaeMikania hirsutissimaPr, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of
LabiataeI'm Oncim kilimandscharicSd
CompositaeAmbrosia polystachia
MeliaceaeCedrela angustifoliaSb, Sd
MelastomataceaeClidemia spSb, Sd, Sp, Of
MelastomataceaeTibouchina sppPs, Sb, Sp, Of
MelastomataceaeTibouchina chamissoanaOf
ScrophulariaceaePaulownia tomentosaOf
MelastomataceaeMiconia sppPr, Of
ScrophulariaceaePaulownia imperialisOf
CompositaeVERNONIA spSd, Sp
CompositaeGochnatia barosiiTcl, Pl, Of, Sd, Ts, Thy, Lm
GraminaeEchinolaena nearbyTcl, Of, Ts
LiliaceaeAloe spPd, Ps, Sp, Of, Ts
GraminaeTristachya leiostachyaCcc, Ts
MelastomataceaeMiconia is deceptiveFv, Pl, Of, Ts
GraminaeGraminae 1Of
MalvaceaeHibiscus schizopetalus
FagaceaeCastanea vescaPer
MalvaceaeMalvastrum coromandelianum
EuphorbiaceaeRicinus communisFs, Sb, Sd, Sp
LoranthaceaeStruthantus andrastylusOf
CompositaeEupatorium spNt, Ps
CompositaeVERNONIA rubrirameaTcl, Pl, Of, Ts
CompositaeEupatorium rufescens
CompositaeVERNONIA ferrugineaTcl, Of, Sd, Ts, Thy
EuphorbiaceaeSebastian spSd
CompositaeEupatorium itatiavense
SterculiaceaeCF common WaltheriaTcl, Pl, Of,
EuphorbiaceaeAlchornea triplinerviaOf
LoranthaceaeStruthantus spPr, Sb, Sd, Sp, Ts
CompositaeEupatorium horminoidesTs
LythraceaeDiplusodon virgatusTcl, Of, Ts
CompositaeTrichogonia salviaefoliaNt, Tcl, Pl, Of
EuphorbiaceaeSebastiana cf serrataPd, Per, Of
EuphorbiaceaeCroton spFs, Nt, Ps, Pd, Per, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of
CompositaePiptocarpha natata
EuphorbiaceaeDalechampia spFs
CompositaeEremanthus spFv, Of
EuphorbiaceaeAcalypha wilkesianaPr
EuphorbiaceaeJulocroton spSd
CompositaeBidens cf gardneriOf
SolanaceaeSolanum sppPr, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of
CompositaeMikania spTs
CompositaeAmbrosia spSb, Sd, Sp, Of
ConnaraceaeShe Rourea Nt, Of
ConvolvulaceaeMerremia tomentosaTs
EuphorbiaceaeEuphorbia splendensOf
EuphorbiaceaeAlchornea sidaefoliaFs, Pd, Per, Pr, PSQ, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of
CrassulaceaeKalanchoe spSb, Sd
CrassulaceaeBryophyllum calycinumPer, PSQ
CrassulaceaeKalanchoe tubifloraFs, Pr
MalpighiaceaeMascagnia cordifoliaTcl, Sd, Ts
MalvaceaeSida spFs
ErytroxylaceaeErytroxylum campestrisPl
ErytroxylaceaeErytroxylum tortuosumTcl, Sd
SterculiaceaeSterculia chichaOf
CruciferaeBrassica nigra
MalpighiaceaeBanisteriopsis laevifoliaTcl, Pl, Ts
DilleniaceaeDavilla ellipticaPl, Ts
MalpighiaceaeByrsonima verbascifolia Pl, Of
CyperaceaeBracts scleraTcl
SterculiaceaeMelochia pyramidata
MalpighiaceaeByrsonima grossFv, Nt, Pl, Of, Ts
CyperaceaeCyperaceae 1Of
MalpighiaceaeByrsonima coccolobifoliaNt, Pl, Of, Ts
MalpighiaceaeBanisteria argyrophylaPl, Ts
VochysiaceaeVochysia cinnamomaeNt, Of, Ts
SterculiaceaeHelicteres brevispiraPl, Ts
MalpighiaceaeTetrapteris spLm, Tcl, Of, Ts,
LeguminosaeMimosa spSb, Sd, Sp
LauraceaePerseus welcomeavocado
LauraceaePersea americanaavocado
FlacourtiaceaeAberia caffraAberin
CucurbitaceaeCayapenia bifloraThe bush zucchini
CucurbitaceaeCucurbita pepoPumpkin
CucurbitaceaeCucurbita maximaGirl pumpkin
LeguminosaeAcacia molissimaAcacia negra
LeguminosaeAcacia runningAcacia negra
LeguminosaeAcacia longifoliaAcacia trinervis
LiliaceaeAgapanthus africanusAgapantoNt, Ts
AgavaceaeAgave attenuataAgave, trumpet of elephantFs, Ple, Of, Ts
ApiaceaeApium graveolensCelery
LeguminosaeHolocalix glazioviiRosemary
ConvolvulaceaeJacquaemontia spFleeting joy
LeguminosaeMedicago sativaalfalfa
LeguminosaeStylosanthes scabrousAlfalfa fieldOf
CaryophylaceaeSilene ArmeriaPinPd, PSQ, Ps, Of, Ts
LeguminosaePROSAP julifloraMesquite
MalvaceaeGossypium herbaceumCotton
LiliaceaeAllium sativumgarlic
RosaceaeEriobotrya japonicaJapanese plumPr
RosaceaePrunus domesticaBlack plum
CompositaeCosmos sulphureusAmor de mo??aTs
PolygonaceaeAntigonon leptotusLove-agarradinhoNt, Ple, Ts
MoraceaeMorus nigraBlackberryPr, PSQ, Sb, Of, Ts
RosaceaePrunus amigdalusAm??ndoas
LeguminosaeThe de nanthera the lubrinaAngicoSb, Sp
LeguminosaeAnadenanthera macrocarpaAngico
LeguminosaePiptadenia pilgrimAngico cerrado
LeguminosaePiptadenia colubrinaAngico cerrado, angico white
LeguminosaePithecollobium incurialeAngico brindle
LabiataeOncimum nudicauleAnisTs
MyrtaceaeInvasive cattleianumnow ??
AnacardiaceaeLytraea molleoidesWhite masticFs, Nt, Pd, Per, Pr, Ps, PSQ, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of, Ts
AnacardiaceaeSchinus terebinthipholiusRed masticFs, Nt, Pd, Per, Pr, Ps, PSQ, Sb, Sd, Sp, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of
AnacardiaceaeLytraea brasiliensisMastic, wooden buggy
LeguminosaeMimosa sepiariaHigh cat
LiliaceaeAsparagus spAspargoPr, Ts
CompositaeVERNONIA PoliyanthesAssa fishPl, Ps, Sb, Sp, Of, Ts
CompositaeVERNONIA westinianavAssa purple fish
SterculiaceaeDombeya burgessiaeAstrapé ?? iaFs, Nt, Ple, Pd, Per, PSQ, Ps, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of, Ts
SterculiaceaeDombeya wallichiiAstrapé ?? ia-rosa, ia hill ??Per, PSQ, Ps, Of, Ts
EricaceaeIndigo rhododendronAzalea ?? would lilacFs, Nt, Ps, Pd, Per, Pr, PSQ, Of, Ts
EricaceaeIndigo rhododendronAzalé??ia rosaFs, Ps, Per, Of, Ts
OxalidaceaeOxallis corymbosaAzedinha, cloverPs
MalvaceaeLuehea beautifulThe oita horse ??
MalvaceaeLuehea paniculataThe oita horse ??
Palm treesAntalya fairBaba ?? whether
LiliaceaeAloe sp1Slug (orange flower)Ps, Pd, Per, PSQ, Ts
LiliaceaeAloe sp2Slug (flor rosa)Of, Ts
MalvaceaeAbutilon striatumballoonvine, Chinese usher
LabiataeHyptis shadybamburral
MusaceaeMusa spBananaTs
BalsaminaceaeImpatiens balsaminaKissNt, Pd, Per, Pr, Ps, PSQ, Of, Ts
SolanaceaeSolanum melangenaAubergine
EuphorbiaceaeEuphorbia pulcherrimaParrot's beakPd, PSQ, Sb, Sd, Of
LeguminosaeMachera stingingKissing duck, tapa pipa
ConvolvulaceaeIpomea purpureaGood day
SterculiaceaeDombeya nataliensisBoot Sergeant
LeguminosaeMimosa incanoBracatinga of wetlands
LeguminosaeMimosa scabrellaBracatinga the hillsPle
LeguminosaeCaesalpinia BrazilianBrasileto, faux pau Brazil
CucurbitaceaeLuffa cilindricaBush
LeguminosaeMyroxylon balmBalsam ToluPs, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of, Ts
MyrtaceaePlinia glomerataCabeludinhaOf
AmaranthaceaeGomphrena downIt is white ça ??, captain
LeguminosaeMyrocarpus frondosusCabreúva
RubiaceaeCoffea arabicaCoffee
FlacourtiaceaeDairy decandraCafé?? do mato, bugre of tea
AnacardiaceaeSpondias Mombicajazeira
AnacardiaceaeWestern anacardiumcashew tree
ElaeocarpaceaeMuntingia calaburaCalaburaNt, Pd, Per, Pr, PSQ, Ps, Sb, Sd, Sp,Of
LeguminosaeCalliadra selowiiCaliandra, sponge
LeguminosaeCalliandra longipesCaliandra, sponge
MyrtaceaeCalistemon lanceolatusCalistaFs
AcanthaceaePatchystachys yolksYellow shrimpOf
CompositaeBaccharis punctulataCambarazinho
CompositaeGochnatia polymorphaCambara
SapindaceaeCupania vernalisCamboatáOf
SapindaceaeMatayba guianensisCamboatáNt, Pl, Of, Ts
MyrtaceaeMyrcia rostrataCamboim
LeguminosaePiptadenia twistedCambui cherry
TheaceaeCamelia japonicaCam ?? lia LilasTs
TheaceaeCamelia japonica?? Camé read whiteTs
GraminaeSaccharum officinarumCana de a??çúcar
LeguminosaeCassia leptophyllaCanephoriFs, Ple, Ts
LeguminosaeCassia grandisCanephori, bunch of gold
CompositaeVERNONIA diffusaCandle
LauraceaeNectandra cuspidataCinnamon White
LauraceaeOcotea kuhlmanniiCinnamon dumb
VelloziaceaeVellozia candidaCinnamon emaPSQ
VelloziaceaeVellozia sppCinnamon emaFs, Pd, Per, Sb, Sd, Sp, Ts
LeguminosaeCassia laevigata Straw pito
LeguminosaeSenna bicapsularisStraw pitoNt, Ps, Of, Ts
EuphorbiaceaeCroton floribundusCapixinguiTs
TropaeolaceaeTropaeolum majusCapuchin, chagasPd, Per, Ts
LeguminosaeCassia multijugapersimmons
EbenaceaeDiospyros feetKhakiPd, PSQ
OxalidaceaeAverrhoa carambolaCannon
ClethraceaeClethra scabrousCow meat
CompositaeBaccharis genistelloidesgorse
CompositaeBaccharis sessifoliaGorse, spring
MalvaceaeTriumph Marietta semitrilobacarrapicho
PhytolaccaceaePhytollacca thyrsifloraCaruru bravoPs, Per, PSQ
ProteaceaeRoup cataractumoak
LeguminosaeCassia chamaecristaCassia the Antilles
LabiataeIbozia ripariaCatinga molding, to coverPd, Ple, Ps, Of, Ts
LiliaceaeAllium cepaOnion
ApiaceaeDaucus carrotCarrot
MyrtaceaeEugenia caryophylataCherry
AnacardiaceaeToxicodendron verniciferumCharãoFs, Nt, Ps, Pd, Per, Pr, Of, Ts
LeguminosaeCrotalaria sp1RattleFs, Of
LeguminosaeCrotalaria sp2RattlePs
LeguminosaeCrotalaria juncearattle
RutaceaeCitrus medicaCider
VerbenaceaeLippia citrodoraCidrão
DilleniaceaeDavilla rugosaVine cabloco
MalpighiaceaeHeteropteris aceroidisLiana rain, Vine gold
BignoniacaeaePyrostegia lovelyVine of St. John
BignoniacaeaeAnabidia agnuscastusLiana San Sebastian
LeguminosaeMimosa malacocentroColumbi
LeguminosaeThe de nanthera the voninaCondura
LythraceaeLagerstroemia indicaConfetti, ResedaPs, Sd, Of, Ts
AquifoliaceaeIlex theezansCongonhas marten
FlacourtiaceaeBanara parvifloraCoral
LeguminosaeAlbizia lebbeckCora ?? black tion
CompositaeCoreopsis grandifloraCoreopsisPer, Of, Ts
LeguminosaeLotus corniculatusCornichão
EuphorbiaceaeEuphorbia millet var. brightChrist's crownFs, Nt, Pd, Per, Pd, PSQ, Ps, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of, Ts
EuphorbiaceaeEuphorbia millet var. milletChrist's crown (big)Of
CruciferaeBrassica oleracea acephalaCabbage
CruciferaeBrassica oleracea gemniferaBrussel sprout
CruciferaeBrassica oleracea botrytisCauliflower
LeguminosaeDolichos lablabcumandati
LabiataeColeus sp2ColeusPd, Of, Ts
LabiataeColeus sp1ColeusPs, Of
RosaceaePrunus armeniacaDamascus
CompositaeTaraxacum officinale Dandelion
IridaceaeDiets vegetaDietsPs, Per, PSQ, Of, Ts
ApocynaceaeMandevilla splendensDipladê ?? nia
CompositaeDahlia spDahliaPer, Pq, Of, Ts
MoraceaeCecropia pachystachyaEmbaúbaPd, Per, Pr, PSQ, Of
CompositaeVERNONIA scorpioidesWipes
LabiataeHyptis peptinataGrass straw
VerbenaceaeLippia albaLemongrass
LythraceaeHeimia myrtifoliaHerb life
CompositaeEclipta albaButton weed, lancetNt, Ps, Pd, Of
PolygonaceaePolygonum acreCritter herb
CompositaeSolidago chilensisErva lancet
BoraginaceaeCordia verbenaceaCordiaNt, Ps, Ts
AmaranthaceaeAlternanthera BrazilianErvanç the ??Nt
LeguminosaePisum sativumPea
LeguminosaeMimosa daleoidesEspiguinhaFs, Nt, Pd, Per, Pr, Ps, PSQ, Sp, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of
LeguminosaeGledtischia amorphoidesThorn crown
LeguminosaeCalliandra sepiariaThorn wax, Marica
LeguminosaeChuquiragua mentosaJewish thorn
LeguminosaeCalliandra twediiSponge (red)Nt, Ps, Pd, Per, PSQ, Of
ButtercupDelphinium spConsolida ajacisFs, Ps, Of, Ts
StyracaceaeStyrax fieldsEstoraque, gourd-the-swampTcl, Ts
MusaceaeStrelitziaEstrelitzia: ave do paraísoTs
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus rostrataEucalyptus
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus rudisEucalyptusOf
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus blakelyiEucalyptusOf, Ts
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus citriodoraEucalyptus
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus sppEucalyptusPd, Per, Pr,Ps, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of, Ts
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus robustaEucalyptusOf, Ts
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus globulusEucalyptus
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus albaEucalyptus
MyrtaceaeEugenia involucrataEucalyptusOf, Ts
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus tereticornisEucalyptusPd, Per, Pr, Ps, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of, Ts
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus cinereaEucalyptusOf, Ts
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus salignaEucalyptus
MyrtaceaeEucalyptus involucratusEucalyptus
LeguminosaeSophora tomentosaBay BeanNt, PSQ, Ps, Sb, Of
LeguminosaePhaseolus lunatusFava beans
LeguminosaeDelonix regiaFlamboyant
CompositaeSenecio brasiliensisSouls blossom, maria-moleNt, Ps, Sb, Sd, Of
CompositaeEupatorium maximilianiiAnt flowerPl, Of
CactaceaeRhipsalidopsis GaertnerOctober flower
VerbenaceaePetrea volubilisSan Miguel flower
VerbenaceaePetrea subserrataSan Miguel flower, viuvinha
AcanthaceaeEranthemum nervosaLove FlowerFs, Ps, Ts
TurneraceaeTurnera ulmifoliaGuaruja flower , Xanana
RosaceaeRubus idaeusraspberry
SolanaceaeAcnistus arborecensDove Fruit
SolanaceaeNicotiana tabacumSmokePd, Per, PSQ, Of
ApiaceaeFoeniculum vulgareFennelNt, Ps, Pd, Per, Pr, PSQ, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of
CompositaeGazania longiscapaGaz??niaPs, Per
GeraniaceaePelagornium peltatumIs nine ??Ts
LeguminosaeSpartium junceum GiestaPs
CompositaeHelianthus annusSunflowerFs, Nt, Ps, Pd, Ts
MyrtaceaeInvasive guayavaGuavaPd, Pr, Sb, Sp, Ts
GraminaeTaiwan has been observedBahia grassTcl, Pl, Of, Ts
ProteaceaeGrevillea thelemanianaGrevillea
ProteaceaeGrevillea banksiiGrevíleaOf, Ts
EuphorbiaceaePhyllanthus sourGooseberry
MyrtaceaeEugenia brasiliensisGrumixama
MyrtaceaeEugenia DombeyGrumixameira
SapotaceaePouteria TortaRooster grain
MyrtaceaeCampomanesia xanthocarpaGuabirobaTs
MyrtaceaeCampomanesia goldguabirobinha
CompositaeMikania glomerataGuacoSb, Sd, Sp
BoraginaceaePatagonula AmericanGuajuvira
MyrtaceaeEugenia hiemalisGuamirim
LeguminosaeCajanus cajanGuandu, pigeon peaPs
LabiataeHyptis suaveolensGuanxuma smell
MalvaceaeSida rhombifolia Guanxuma, mauve blackOf
LeguminosaeSchizolobium parahybaGuapuruvu, FILEFs, Pr, Ps, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of, Ts
CunoniaceaeLamanonia beautifulguarapar ??
FlacourtiaceaeDairy silvestrisGuassatongaSb, Sd, Sp
LeguminosaeCrotalaria lanceolataGuizo cascavelFs, Nt, Ps, Per, Of
CompositaeGerbera jamesoniiG??ráberaSb, Sd, Ts
LeguminosaeAmburana cearensisImburana smell
LeguminosaeNo fagifoliaInga
LeguminosaeInga edulisInga
LeguminosaeNo guilleminianaInga beans
LeguminosaeSclerolobium discoveredInga iron
LeguminosaeNo marginataInga mirim
BignoniacaeaeTabebuia impetiginosaIp is purple ??Ts
BignoniacaeaeWe produce buia the mbellataIpe ?? yellowFs, Ts
MyrtaceaeMyrciaria caulifloraJaboticabeiraSb, Sd, Sp
LeguminosaePlatypodium elegansJacarandazinho do campoTcl
LeguminosaeSwartzia sp Rosewood coast
LeguminosaeMacherium villosumRosewood bush
BignoniacaeaeJacaranda mimosifoliaRosewood mimosoPs, Per, Ts
LeguminosaePiptadenia gonoacanthaAlligator is ??Pd, Per, Pr, PSQ, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of
MyrtaceaeSyzygium jambosThingNt, Ps, Pd, Per, Pr, PSQ, Ts
MalvaceaeBastardiopsis densifloraRaft
OleaceaeJasminun azoricumJasmine StarNt, Ps, Of
ApocynaceaePlumeria rubraJasmine sleeve
LeguminosaeHymenaea courbarilJatoba
Palm treesSyagrus romanzoffianaJerivá , baba-de-boiOf, Tc
RhamnaceaeZiziphus joazeiroJuazeiro
LeguminosaeMimosa asperatajuquiri
LeguminosaePiptadenia blunciferaJuquiri
LeguminosaeMimosa verrucosaJurema
LeguminosaeMimosa acustistipulaJurema black
SolanaceaeSolanum paniculatumJurubeba
CucurbitaceaeApodanthera whatsoever Jua
RutaceaeCitrus sp 2Kim-kamNt, Ps, Ts
VerbenaceaeLantana camaraLantanaPr
RutaceaeCitrus sp1OrangeNt, Ps, Pd, Of, Ts
RutaceaeCitrus sinensisOrange
LamiaceaeLavandula angustifoliaLavender
LeguminosaeLeucaena leucocephalaLeucaPer, Pr, Ps, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of, Ts
OleaceaeLigustrum japonicumligustro
RutaceaeCitrus aurantifolialemon
RutaceaeCitrus limonLemonNt, Ple, Pd, Ps, Of, Ts
LinaceaeLinum spLinen
VerbenaceaeLippia urticoidesTrash
BoraginaceaeCordia hypoleucaLaurel bush
BoraginaceaeCordia trichotomaBlond-brown, freijóSb, Sd, Sp, Ts
LeguminosaeCyclobium clauseniLouveira
LiliaceaeHemerocallis yellowYellow lilyNt, Per, Ts
LiliaceaeHemerocallis fulvaLily will bord ??Ts
LiliaceaeLilly longiftorum Deceased Lily, white lilyTs
RosaceaePyrus malisapple
CaprifoliaceaeLonicera japonicaHoneysuckleOf
CompositaeAster laevisMarigoldPs, Pd, Of, Ts
MalvaceaeSida cordifoliaMallow
MalvaceaeMalvaviscus arboreusMalvaviscoPs, Ts
LeguminosaePiptadenia paniculataMamica de slut
RutaceaeHouseholds rhoelifoliaMamica de slut
LeguminosaeCrotalaria vitellina minormandovira
LeguminosaeCrotalaria pauliniaManduvira great
CombretaceaeHomo ConocarpusButton mangrove
CombretaceaeLaguncularia racemosaShoemaker mangrove
RhizophoraceaeRhizophora missingRed mangrove
AcanthaceaeAvicennia schauerianaRed mangrove
AcanthaceaeAvicennia upRed mangrove, cano??
AnacardiaceaeMangifera indicaHoseFs, Pd, Of, Ts
LabiataeOncimum sellowiiBasilNt, Ps, Of, Ts
PassifloraceaePassiflora edulisPassion fruit
PassifloraceaePassiflora quadrangularisPassion the ass ??
CompositaeChrysanthemum maximumMargaridaNt, Ps, Per, Ts
CompositaeMontano bipinnatifidaTree daisyOf, Ts
CompositaeTithonia diversifoliaMargaridão yellowOf, Ts
CompositaeTithonia speciosaMargaridão yellowOf, Ts
SolanaceaeSolanum americanumMaria pretinha, nightshadeTs
BalsaminaceaeImpatient sultaniiMaria shamelessPd, Per, Ps, PSQ, Of, Ts
SolanaceaeAcnistui cauliflorusMarianeira
LeguminosaeMimosa bimucronataMaricaSb, Sd, Sp
LeguminosaeMeibonia discolorMarmalade horse
MyrtaceaeEugenia spThe bush quince
LeguminosaeMacherium stipitatumQuince bush, dry flour
CucurbitaceaeCitrulus vulgarisWatermelon
CucurbitaceaeCucumis meloMelon
CompositaeAgeratum conyzoidesmentrasto
SapindaceaeCupana oblongifoliaMiguel painted
GraminaeZea maysCornSp, Ts
MalvaceaeHibiscus rosa-sinensisMimo de v ?? ênus, Fat studentPSQ, Ts
LeguminosaeAcacia podalyriaefoliaMimosaPr, Sb, Sd, Sp, Ts
LeguminosaeMimosa vellozianaMimosaNt, Pr, Sb, Sd, Sp
RosaceaeIndicates Duchesneastrawberry
LeguminosaeAndira anthelminticaMorcegueiraNt, Ps, Of
EuphorbiaceaeJulocroton trichesterWick of a candle
CruciferaeSinapis albaMustard
CruciferaeBrassica campestrisCurly mustardOf
CruciferaeBrassica junceaSmooth mustard
LeguminosaeErytrina godgod
MalpighiaceaeIntermediate ByrsonimaMuriciLm, Nt, Per, Pl, Pr, Ps, Sb, Of, Tcl, Ts
MalpighiaceaeByrsonima crassifoliaMurici field
RutaceaeMurrhaia paniculataMyrtle
CapparaceaeCleome gynandraMussamb extend
CapparaceaeCleome spinosaMu ?? to ?? áOf
CruciferaeBrassica napus napobrassicaOther
NymphaeaceaeNymphaea mexicananinf ?? aPSQ, Ts
OchnaceaeOchna mutifloraOchnaPs
OleaceaeOlea europaOlive tree
AizoaceaeMesembryanthemum attractivenessOur horasFs, Nt, Ps, Pd, Per, PSQ, Sb, Of, Ts
GuttiferaeClusia oriuvaDonkey earNt
MelastomataceaeTibouchina holosericeaEar on the ??Fs, Nt, Per, Ps, Pd, Ps,PSQ, Of, Ts
LabiataeOriganum vulgareOr??ganoPs, Of
BombacaceaeChorisia beautifulPaineiraFs, Ts
Palm treesArchontophoenix cunninghamianaElegant palm, royal palm-of-australiaFs, Nt, Pd, Per, Ple, Pr, Ps, PSQ, Ps, Sb, SD, Sp, Of, Ts
Palm treesEuterpe edulisPalmetto, i??ara
ApiaceaePastinaca sativaPastinaca
LeguminosaeCaesalpinia echinata Pau Brazil
BignoniacaeaeTabebuia serratifoliaPau d'arch
BignoniacaeaeTabebuia avellanedaePau d'purple bow
LeguminosaeAndira flaxinifoliaWooden bat
LeguminosaeDiesel treePau oil, copaiba
LeguminosaeCaesalpinia ironPau ferro
MyrtaceaeEugenia multicostataPau mulatto, Pau alazão
EuphorbiaceaeCroton macrobothysPau blood
VochysiaceaeVochysia tucanorumPau-de-toucanTs
VochysiaceaeQualea grandifloraPau-earthTs
CucurbitaceaeCucumis sativaCucumber
CaryocaraceaeCaryocar brasiliensisPequiFd, Fv, Nt, Pl, Pc, Of, Ts
RosaceaePyrus communisCurrency
AmaranthaceaeAlternanthera dentataParakeet
CompositaeCentratherum speckledPerp ?? Purple étua
RosaceaePrunus persicaPeachFs, Nt, Ps, Of, Ts
CompositaeGalinsoga parvifloraPicão whiteNt, Ps, Of
CompositaeBidens pilosaPicão blackFs, Ts
AcanthaceaeRuellia brevifoliadrop of bloodFv, Sb, Sd
EuphorbiaceaeJatropha curcasParaguayan pinion
RosaceaePyracantha coccineaPiracantaPle, Ps, Of, Ts
MyrtaceaeEugenia unifloraCherry
MyrtaceaeEugenia cherryCherry fieldPs, Of
AgavaceaeAgave americanaCigarette holderFs, Nt, Pd, Per, Ps, PSQ, Of, Ts
VerbenaceaeAloysia virgataSmelling plant, sandpaper
RubiaceaeDiodia polymorphaPoaiaNt, Ps, Per
LabiataeMentha pulegiumPoejo do campoPs
NyctaginaceaeBougainvillea spectabilisSpringNt, Ps, Pd, Per, Of, Ts
MelastomataceaeTibouchina granulosaQuaresmeiraFs, Per, Ps, Of
MalvaceaeHibiscus esculentusOkra
RubiaceaeContar frexandraWhat
RubiaceaeCinchona spQuineira
CruciferaeRaphanus sativus sciaticaRadish
CruciferaeRaphanus raphanistrumWild radish
LeguminosaeDalbergia variabilisTailed monkey
CruciferaeBrassica oleracea capitaCabbage
PunicaceaePunica granatumRomePSQ, Ts
RosaceaeRosa spRosebushNt, Ps, Per, Of, Ts
LabiataeLeonurus OsloRuby, ?? litter herb isPs, Ts
CruciferaeBrassica oleracea gongyloidesRadishPs
CruciferaeSativa rocketRocket
LeguminosaeMimosa caesalpinifoliaKnew it
CaprifoliaceaeSambucus australisElderberryNt, Per, Sb, Sd, Of, Ts
SolanaceaeSuaveolens dataWhite skirt, trombeteiraTs
LiliaceaeSmilax officinalisSalsaparrilha
LiliaceaeSmilax medicaSalsaparrilha
ApiaceaePetroselinum sativumParsleyOf
LabiataeSalvia guaraniticaSalvia PurpleNt, Ps, Pd, Per, PSQ, Ts
LabiataeSalvia splendensSalvia redNt, Ps, Pd, Per, PSQ, Of, Ts
EuphorbiaceaeCroton savingDragon blood
EuphorbiaceaePhyllanthus selowianusSarandi
LeguminosaeMimosa pudicaSensitive plant, sleep-mariaOf, Ts
CompositaeEmilia sonchifoliaMilkweedFs, Ps, Per, Sb, Sd, Of, Ts
LythraceaeCuphea mesostemonSeven sangrias
LythraceaeCuphea cartaginensisSeven sangrias
LeguminosaeCaesalpinia pelthophoroidesSibipirunaFs, Ple, Ps, Sb, Sd, Of, Ts
AgavaceaeAgave sisalanaSisalFs, Nt, Ps, Pd, on, PSQ, Ts
CompositaeTrixis antimenorrhoeaSolid??nia
LeguminosaePithecollobium pastimeHat, pitecel¢bioPer, Ps
LeguminosaeErytrina beautifulSwineFs, Pd, Per, Of, Ts
LeguminosaeTamarindus indicaTamarindo
PlantaginaceaePlantago lanceolataTanchagemTs
RutaceaeCitrus reticulataTangerine, orange clove
PolygonaceaePolygonum capitatumTapete ingl??sPle, Ps, Pd, Sb, Sd, Of, Ts
EuphorbiaceaeAlchornea iricuranaTapiaguassu, tanheiro
VerbenaceaeVitex montevidensisTarumã
LeguminosaeEnterolobium timbouvaTimboril, timbó
LeguminosaeEnterolobium contortisiliquumTimbo, timbauva
LeguminosaeTipuana beautifulTipuanaPr, Sd
LeguminosaeDeceptive delusionsTipuanaPer, Ple, Pr, Ps, Of, Ts
CommelinaceaeTradeschantia ZebrinaTrapoerabaPd
LeguminosaeMelilotus officinalisYellow clover
LeguminosaeTrifolium repensWhite clover
LeguminosaeClover Crimson clover
LeguminosaeTrifolium hybridumHybrid clover
LeguminosaeTrifolium pratenseRed clover
LeguminosaeMelilotus albaShamrock-of-smell, white cloverNt
PolygonaceaeFagopyrum sawdust TatumBuckwheat
AcanthaceaeThunbergia grandifloraKutumb ?? rgiaFs, Pd, Per, PSQ, Ps, Of, Ts
EuphorbiaceaeAleurites fordiiTungue
RhamnaceaeRhamnus polymorphaTurumã
BignoniacaeaeBotocydia nailA cat
LeguminosaeAcacia laceransA cat
LeguminosaePithecellobium nail-catA cat
LeguminosaeBauhinia forficataA cow
LeguminosaeBauhinia spA cow (White)Ts
LeguminosaeBauhinia variegataA cow (lilac)Ts
UrticaceaeBohemeria tailedNettle mansa
EuphorbiaceaeCroton urucuranaUrucurana, Dragon blood
RhamnaceaeHovenia dulcisGrape-Japanese, boy-leanPle, Pr, Sb, Sd, Sp
MyrtaceaeEugenia uvalhaUvaia
MyrtaceaeEugenia pyriformisUvalha do campo
RubiaceaeBorreria verticilataButton broom
SapindaceaeDodonaea viscoseRed broom
LeguminosaeStylosanthes viscose acutifoliaVassourinha
CompositaeBaccharis spVassourinhaFs, Nt, Ps, Per, Sb, Sd, Sp, Of
CompositaeBaccharis dracunculifoliaVassourinha, rosemary fieldTcl
CompositaeWedelia paludosaBy ?? liaNt, Of, Ts
EuphorbiaceaeCroton campestrisvelame
ScrophulariaceaeBuddleja brasiliensisMullein, Lime will ?? Old
VerbenaceaeDuranta repensvioleteiraNt, Ps, Of, Ts
VerbenaceaeVitex sellowianaVitex
VerbenaceaeVitex agnus-castusVitex, pepper of the monksPle, Sd, Sp, Of
TurneraceaeTour melochioidesXanana
TurneraceaeTour guianensisXanana
IridaceaeIris germanicaOrisTs

Legend of Bees Species

  • CccCephalotrigona happened happened – Mombucão
  • FsFriesen schrottkyi - Mirim laziness
  • FvFrieseomelitta Everything Else - Marmalade, white girl
  • FdFrieseomelitta doederleini - White Girl
  • LmLeurotrigona muelleri - Lambe eyes
  • NtNannotrigona testaceicornis – Go there
  • PcPartamona Cupira – Cupira
  • PdThe common people droryana – Mirim
  • PerThe common people Emerina - Emer, mirim emerin
  • PleThe common people spp – Mirim
  • PrThe common people are removed - Mirim guaçu
  • PlParatrigona lineata - Earth Mirim
  • PsParatrigona subnuda - Earth Jataí
  • PSQThe common people saiqui - Mirim saiqui
  • SbScaptotrigona bipunctata – Body
  • SdScaptotrigona shaved – Straw
  • OfTetragonisca angustula – Jataí
  • TcTetragona clavipes – Borá
  • ThyTrigona hyalinata – Guaxupé
  • TsTrigona spinipes – Arapuni

Compilation of plant species visited by bees to collect nectar and / or pollen.

Native Plants


Are the species that occur naturally in Brazilian environments, which are indigenous. This group, They are included native species that do not fit in the other categories.

Exotic plants

Exotic plants

They are those that have been introduced in Brazilian territory at any time, including those ambientaram well and already grow naturally in natural environments. However, Exotic within days, We ornamental species, fruit, forest, Medicinal, ultimately, of all kinds. So, by a didactic issue, ornamental exotic species will be placed in ornamental group, which are also native ornamental. Exotic fruit will also be placed in the group of fruit, along with native fruit and, like this, with all types. So that the group will be in exotic forest species and others that do not fit in the other categories.

Ornamental plants


This whole and compost for plants, native and exotic, that are used for ornamental gardens, streets and squares.

Aromatic Plants, Medicinal and "Vegetables"


They include plants used in the production of essential oils, teas, infusions, phytotherapy, salads, spices, dyes and other.

Fruit trees plants


Are species that produce edible fruits and fruit.



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