Bee Alert

O aplicativo BeeAlert é a primeira plataforma on-line para o registro de desaparecimento ou morte massiva de abelhas em apiários, utilizando o recurso de geolocalização. Beekeepers, beekeepers and the scientific community are able to share cases, helping to give visibility to a serious but silent problem. Assista ao vídeo e descubra como é fácil e rápido registrar suas ocorrências. Just visit the site and download the application in the Apple Store or Google Play stores. All simple and free. Inquire also about how to proceed in cases of contamination of apiaries.

Just put [php_everywhere] where you want the code to be executed.

The location, the number and intensity of affected hives, and the possible causes of mortality of bees in the apiary (pesticides, diseases, pests, etc) They are recorded in real time on application. The data are confidential and will be used for scientific purposes, but represent great contribution to the protection of effort to bees.

Do your part. Report is to protect!


The Bee Alert application was awarded Silver Medal in the competition XI Latin American Congress of Apiculture innovation Beekeeping, em Puerto Iguazu, na Argentina, in 2014. At the same congress, the application was officially adopted the seven member countries of FILAPI and this initiative has started a scientific collaboration partnership between Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba to seek solutions to the problem.