Bee or not to be?

A ONG Bee Or Not To Be nasceu de uma iniciativa do CETAPIS (Technological Center of Beekeeping and Meliponiculture of Rio Grande do Norte), led by Prof.. Dr. Lionel Segui Gonçalves, professor retired from USP in Ribeirão Preto, geneticist and researcher on bees and currently a visiting professor at UFERSA / RN. In 2017 tornou-se formalmente uma associação civil, apartidária e sem fins lucrativos, constituída com o intuito de conscientizar a população para a importância das abelhas, desenvolvendo ações no Brasil e na AL para a proteção, elevação e manutenção da vida de todas as espécies de abelhas.


The campaign “No Bee, Without food” It is the highest expression of this initiative, which has been published in the media, activists and social networking sites. In its release, in August 2013, was created one Petition for Protection of Bees, closed on 08 March 2015, that collected 22.190 subscriptions. Foi entregue às autoridades competentes, of them requiring action for the preservation of bees.


Durante a APIMONDIA 2013, in Kiev, obtained important international support, como a Apimondia, a Filapi e a FAO, which were added to support the Brazilian Confederation of Beekeeping (CBA) e a Abemel. Recently, in January 2015, has partnered with the Pollinators Project Brazil, to bring the results of this important project to the attention of farmers and bee breeders.


But the exercise of awareness is permanent, and it still needs more light to the problem of the decline of pollinators. You can give your contribution signing his name in the community Bee or not to be, e se tornando um “Friend of bees”. You can also share this knowledge using the materials available for download on the site and on social networks, or simply, convidando as pessoas de seu relacionamento a visitarem os sites e também o da ONG .


Knowledge turns people, and this can make all the difference in protecting these vital beings, real “cupids nature”, that polinizam as flowers plants, forests and agricultural crops, generating food and life.


  1. Spread awareness about the importance of bees to humans and the environment;
  2. Legitimize a public petition for protection of bees, to be delivered to our authorities;
  3. Encourage citizens to interact and protect bees;
  4. Encourage support of leaders for action to investigate and combat the causes of the disappearance of bees;
  5. Position apiculture and beekeeping as a fundamental and irreplaceable link in the agricultural production chain.

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